Ice skating in the Dolomites:
A fairy tale with mountain views

Doesn’t it sound wonderful? The purring, scratchy sound when blades of ice skates mill through ice and leave elegant traces. Ice skating is one of the best winter fun. As a couple or with family you can have joy dancing together and celebrating life. If you like ice skating in the Dolomites, you can do this most easily on our skating rink in Tiers. It lies at the E-Werk Kantun, after the turn-off before the Gasthof Laurin. You can spontaneously stop by there: On site there are a skate rental and a serving of hot drinks.

Pirouettes on Lake Völs

The perfect natural ice rink is the lake Völs at the foot of the Schlern. The magnificent mountain scenery is the excellent location for pirouettes . In the summer the lake is one of the best lakes in South Tyrol. In the winterhe has a large audience, which enthuses for ice skating in the Dolomites. From the hotel you are there by car at the latest in 25 minutes. From the parking area there are further 500 m to walk through the magical winter landscape before arriving at the lake. Also there you can borrow skates.

Curling in Telfen

At the sports center Telfen you will find another ice rink. It is freely accessible – but here you need to bring your own skates. If you do not have the necessary skill in the legs, then try it with arm strength and a good eye at curling. This makes as much fun as ice-skating in the Dolomites and is the best choice for everyone who loves competition even on ice. Every Wednesday by us at Tiers there is a small tournament.

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