Holiday in Tiers am Rosengarten:

A real Alpine pearl

The small community of Tiers is inextricably linked to the Rosengarten, at whose feet it is located. Besides the village Tiers there are further districts, including St.Zyprian - the location of our hotel. We are thus already in the Schlern-Rosengarten Nature Park - and the enchanting mountain group gives the region a particularly sublime splendor. Spend your holiday in Tiers at Rosengarten and experience the wonders of Laurin's fabled mountain kingdom.

The Laurin Saga

Over the centuries we have been told that the dwarf king Laurin, got angry about not having been invited by the Etsch King to the wedding of his daughter Similde. Hidden by his invisibility cloak Laurin crept stealthily among the guests, and fell madly in love with the king's daughter. He kidnapped her and fled to the Rosengarten - the "Gartl" which is located between the Rosengartenspitze, the Laurin and the Vajolet. But the pursuers guided by hero Dietrich von Bern were already close to his heels. As the roses of his garden moved there, where Laurin was hidden, despite the invisibility cloak, he was found and defeated. Then Laurin flew to the Rosengarten: Neither day nor at night should he continue to be seen by any human eye. But he forgot the dusk. And so we see even today the splendidly blossoming rock roses on the summit. This mysterious alpine glow is one of the main attractions during your holiday in Tiers. It is due to the mineralogical composition of the Dolomites and stains the rock walls in your pervasive glowing red, a fascinating color scale which ranges from orange to deep purple.

Awarded as "Alpine Pearls"

If you go on holiday in Tiers, you may go to beautiful Nature park with all its advantages for active holidaymakers. Look forward to long walks, bike rides, mountain climbing in the summer - fun on the slopes, sledding and idyllic snowshoe hikes in winter, and at all times idyllic walks around Tiers. Not for nothing the place bears the distinction "Alpine Pearls" - this means also that during the holidays with us you can live without a car!

The most beautiful events
in Tiers and the surrounding area

In March, winter sports enthusiasts are accompanied for a week with authentic folk music this spring. Well-known bands and music groups celebrate journeys of sound on the Seiser Alm, all of which earn the distinction "particularly authentic".

South Tyrol's largest equestrian event in May commemorates the legendary knight, poet and singer, whose life was closely linked to the villages and castles at the foot of the Schlern. A course of traditional riding games with 36 participating teams is led through these places. And this day is exceptionally demanding for them. Something unmissable!

A "Harass" is a wooden crate – and once a year here in Tiers auf dem Wuhnleger it is filled to the brim with bacon, chamois sausage, Berglerbrot and cheese. Enjoy it!

As part of the Berglersommer, the Berglernächte at the foot of the Rosengarten also takes place in Tiers – a street festival with food and music and an enchanting nocturnal atmosphere.

In Seis, the Kastelruther Spatzen invite you to an open-air concert every year in June – a good opportunity to hear them live on holiday in their home region.

The magnificent Dolomite scenery and challenge of tackling an altitude of approximately 600 metres make this run to Europe's largest high alpine pasture an unusual sporting event. Maybe you would like to start during your holiday in July?

This mountain run in the picturesque Eggental covers an altitude of over 900 metres. The route itself is 4 km. The starting shot is fired on the Frommer Alm at a height of 1,743 m. Would that be something for you?

On a relaxed summer evening, a unique culinary event takes place at the Proa meadow opposite the Rosengarten: 160 connoisseurs sit at a 100 m table and savour the delicacies of Tiers cuisine with a five-course menu, while enjoying panoramic views.

In September, everything in Seis revolves around strudel, which you can enjoy filled with apple, plums or curd in thousands of variations. A traditional farmers' market, living tradition and folk music round off a day of gourmet fun.

If you miss the concert in summer, you can experience the “Helden der Volksmusik " in October at the Kastelruther Spatzenfest in the fortress of Castelrotto – it’s the highlight of the folk music year for fans.

Every year, the Völser innkeepers proclaim "Gastronomic October", when you will be spoiled with fine South Tyrolean delicacies according to the original recipe. This is a real pleasure.

This experience is an absolute must: the cattle drive is one of the most important farming traditions in the Alpine region. Be there when the magnificently decorated cattle are driven back into the valley on the first Sunday in October. A large folk festival with grill specialties and live music are of course part of it.

Excursion destinations
in the surrounding region

The nearby South Tyrolean capital is always worth a visit. Take a stroll through the picturesque old town with the arcades and the Kornplatz. Here, the middle ages, Baroque and modern times coexist in harmony. The magnificent town houses are home to many interesting shops, cafes and restaurants. A visit to the South Tyrolean Museum of Archaeology is highly recommended. Together with other finds from ancient times, the world-famous glacier man "Ötzi" can be seen here.

The castle was built in the 12th century and restored to its present glory in the 16th century. It is considered the most important castle in Tyrol from the Maximilian period in the late Gothic style. Well worth seeing are the Pillar Hall with the impressive collection of weapons, the Pillar Room and the Castle Chapel.

The great mountaineer has built a total of six Messner Mountain Museums in South Tyrol and named his "15th eight-thousander". Its centrepiece is located at Sigmundskron Castle near Bolzano - the "enchanted mountain". This is a must for all true mountain lovers. Our great-grandfather Franz Schroffenegger is also honoured here with a photo.

Not everything was better in the past. Hardship and deprivation was the lot of many. And yet people were satisfied with their lives. The museum on the plateau, high above the Eisack valley, paints a very vivid picture of what life looked like and how the farmers of South Tyrol handled cattle in earlier times, brought in the harvest, worked and cultivated the fields.

The Nature Park House at the entrance to the Tschamin Valley tells you everything about the Schlern-Rosengarten Nature Park. The museum is housed in a former sawmill. Come and admire a demonstration of the old water-powered Venetian saw in action.

The exhibition in the St. Michael's Chapel at the cemetery shows late Gothic sacred art from the regional churches. A treat, and not only for art connoisseurs, is the winged altar of the small church St. Peter am Bühl.

The Plegerhof is located on a steep slope below Seis am Schlern near St. Oswald. The show garden, with over 200 herbs is a fragrant event. Let the farmer's wife tell you about all the aromas and essences. Of course, you can buy a rich selection of natural products made from herbs on site

Take a nostalgic journey into the past, which you will certainly not be able to escape from: In the secluded village of Tagusen, much has been preserved from earlier times, things which have long been replaced elsewhere. So much for the inventory of this small school museum, which is anything but boring!

The Alpine Lake below the Karer pass in the western Dolomites, about 25 km from Bolzano, is one of the most beautiful mountain lakes anywhere. It is located at an altitude of 1,520 m and is a fascinating deep blue, in which the Latemar Group is reflected.

Southeast of Bolzano near Deutschnofen is the most famous pilgrimage site in South Tyrol. In 1553, the Virgin Mary is supposed to have appeared here to Leonhard Weißensteiner to cure him of a serious illness. Today, it is home to a Servite monastery. In its church you can see, among other things, the image of the Sorrowful Mother of God, which was located in a chapel originally donated by Weißensteiner.

Near Aldein at the foot of the Weißhorn south of Bolzano, the Blätterbach flows through a gorge locally known as  "Grand Canyon of South Tyrol". It is particularly famous for fossils, but is also considered a natural wonder that was created in the Ice Age about 15,000 years ago.

Around Tiers and everywhere in the Schlern-Rosengarten Nature Park, you can find many huts on the hiking trails that invite you to stop for a bite to eat. Enjoy South Tyrolean specialities and a fresh drink. The Tschafon Hut, Haniger Schwaige, Tierser Alpl or the Almhütte Messner Joch are just a few examples of many worthwhile huts in the hiking area.

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