Holiday at the Schlern-Rosengarten nature park:

Experience nature up close

The Schlern in the West and the Rosengarten in the southeast are the natural border posts, which also gave their name to the Schlern-Rosengarten Nature Park. Covering an area of approximately 8,900 hectares, this magnificent area occupies a large part of the Western South Tyrolean Dolomites. The Schlern applies with its highest elevation Petz (2,563 m) and the two majestic towers Santner and Euringer rightly regarded as one of the landmarks of South Tyrol. And if you take a look to the Rosengarten massif, you have another, which just by itsself sinks deep into memory. Our hotel is situated in Tiers on the southern edge of the nature park. So you have an excellent starting point for all your holiday activities. Tiers itsself belongs to the Nature Park's area since 2003.

Very varied mountain landscape

Near Tiers and the municipalities of Kastelruth and Völs am Schlern are in the large parking area. Much of the total takes the Seiser Alm - with 55 km2 the largest plateau in Europe. The Schlern-Rosengarten Nature Park is crossed by the picturesque Tschamintal, that is ideal for your hiking or mountain biking. This juxtaposition of the Dolomites, dense mountain forests, valley portions and alpine pasture is the attraction of our region. You will find here everything concentrated what appeals to nature lovers and sports enthusiasts.

Visit the Nature Park House

In Weißlahnbad at the entrance of Tschamintal you will find the Nature Park House, where you can gain information about the Schlern-Rosengarten Nature Park in a didactic and amusing way. The building is actually a former water-powered sawmill. The old saw Steger (Venetians saw) is now functional again and can be visited during the show demonstrations. The opening times: From the beginning of June until the end of October, Tuesday to Saturday from 9.30 am to 12.30 and from 14.30 to 18.00, in the summer months of July and August also on Sundays.

Legends & myths

Laurin's pride and joy was a beautiful garden in front of the gate of his rock castle. Countless red roses blossomed there all year round, covered with a golden silk thread. Woe betide anyone who dared to break the thread and pick even one rose! Laurin threatened to cut off his left hand and right foot.
One day Laurin caught sight of the beautiful blonde princess Simhild in a neighbouring castle. He fell in love with the human child and stole her with the help of his invisibility cloak. From then on Simhild lived in the king's mountain kingdom, surrounded by gold, silver and precious stones, served and guarded by dainty noblewomen and dwarf knights. But Simhild remained sad; she was homesick for the flowery mountain of her homeland.
Mourning and terror also reigned at her brother Dietlieb's castle. In search of his sister, Dietlieb met Dietrich of Bern, king of the Goths. With him and other knights, he set out for the kingdom of King Laurin. Dietrich marvelled at the splendour of the golden fenced roses, but his companions broke the thread and trampled the roses. Enraged, Laurin stormed up on his white steed and demanded the hand and foot of the sacrilegious man. An unequal fight ensued. At first Laurin was able to protect himself with his invisibility cloak. When it was torn from him, he lay helpless on the ground and begged for his life. Bound, he had to lead the victors into his kingdom, where Simhild was freed. Laurin invited Dietrich and his retinue to a meal. When everyone had eaten and drunk, suddenly a thousand dwarves fell upon Dietrich and his retinue in a flash, were bound and locked up in the darkest part of the realm.
In rage at this dastardly deed, however, Dietrich burst his bonds with uncanny strength and freed his men. They then broke open all the doors and locks and attacked the unsuspecting dwarves of Laurin. Finally, they also succeeded in capturing the dwarf king. The glory of the dwarf kingdom was over. By a spell cast by the bound king, the rose garden was extinguished forever: neither the bright day nor the dark night would ever see the rose splendour again. Only naked, pale rocks were to remain. But Laurin had forgotten to include the twilight between day and night in his spell. And so it sometimes happens that before sunset the pale mountains glow and glow red.

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