St. Zyprian / Tiers

Your gateway to the Dolomites

Tiers is an ideal starting point to experience actively the scenic beauty of the Dolomites. St. Zyprian/ Tiers - where our hotel is located at around 1,127 meters above sea level - is is part of the municipality of Tiers and is in close proximity to the mountains. High above our house greets the Tschafon (1,737 m), further back the Mittagskofel rises (2,250 m). Bu the most famous Dolomites giants around us are the Schlern (2,563 m) and very close to us the Rosengarten (2,997 m). Lonely valley portions, deep forests and in the north the Seiser Alm - Europe's largest plateau - are the natural wonders that you can explore with us.

The play of colors
on Rosengarten

What would St. Zyprian / Tiers be without the incomparable view over the alpenglow of the Rosengarten? Surely you have already heard or seen photos. As our guest, you can now give yourself an impression that belongs to you alone. Probably the most beautiful place to enjoy the evening chromatic play at Rosengarten is the Wuhnleger. This alpine pasture at 1,402 m is around 45 minutes' walk from St. Zyprian / Tiers with its idyllic pond it is a worthwhile destination for a walk.

The might
of the legends

Already at the end of the 19th century the breathtaking beauty of the Dolomites area around the Rosengarten attracted numerous climbing pioneers to St. Zyprian / Tiers. Among them there was our grandfather, the South Tyrolean mountain guide Franz Schroffenegger. Mountaineers have always been thrilled and captivated by the bizarre rock formations, the majestic mountain castles and the magic of the alpenglow. No wonder, then, that around the beautiful Rosengarten in Tiers many legends and myths revolve, like the story of the Dwarf King Laurin and the beautiful princess Similde.

The stylish Hotel at Rosengarten

In our Hotel at Rosengarten warm hospitality and a cozy atmosphere await you – surrounded by the radiant glow of the nearby Dolomites mountains. Taste a feeling of security till the last day! We have spared no effort, the alpine magic of our beautiful surroundings capturing in every corner of our house. Lovingly decorated with warm woods, bright colors and traditional South Tyrolean interior, our hotel offers you a cozy, stylish genuine holiday atmosphere.

alpine atmosphere

From many details you will understand our love for the mountains. And maybe will this pass on you? Whether juicy summer meadows or snowy slopes – our Hotel at Rosengarten is harmoniously integrated into its surroundings and seems to merge with it. The fresh mountain air, the views across the impressive rock formations and the play of colors make your stay with us a sensual event. And if you listen very closely, even the walls of your room will tell you about a great past, when the Dolomites were first climbed by daring climbers – historical figures like our great-grandfather Franz Schroffenegger, which you get to know at least in terms of its image and a plaque.

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